The Wolf Singer Prophecies

With the fate of humanity at stake, one girl won’t stop fighting to find her missing family…


Before the world went dark, ‘monster’ was the label we used for the shifters. They weren’t really dangerous, just beings who could change into animals now and then. As long as they did no harm, no one raised a fuss.
Well, aside from my dad, a third-generation preacher and monster hunter. He spoke against true monsters, though, ones who wore human skin and plotted the end of the human race. Yet, no one listened to him. I bet they wished they had, especially when hellfire rained down from the sky and destroyed the world we once knew.
Now in this new world of darkness, the monsters who once hid under human flesh are out in the open, free to reign and conquer what is left.
As the only child in my family, my parents raised me for this very day. My name is Soleil Bishop, preacher’s daughter and fourth-generation monster hunter.
It’s time for me to accept my calling and protect the last outpost from the monsters beyond our walls.

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Wow! She did it again! I’ve fallen in love with another strong female lead and I am enticed with the cast that surrounds her, and all their possibilities. The author takes us on another journey from a desolate settlement to surprising new spaces. There are magics, wolves and new creatures to contemplate, all viewed through the unique lense of a creative mind. Nothing is to be expected, everything is a suprise, and it all leaves you wondering.


This is my first go around with this author. This book was a real page turner for sure. I heard it was a reverse harem book (which I love). Only this series is lovingly referred to as a “slow burn” as far as the relationship with her men goes. Though it drives me crazy waiting for the next book to see what will happen, I really enjoyed this tale of urban fantasy in a post-apocalyptic mountainous part of earth. The story has witchcraft of sorts and wolf shifters… well as all sorts of nasty unseen monsters. I found the story to be a fun read as well as quite interesting and exciting, wondering what will happen next. Now I can’t wait for the next book to come out.


Sorry but I’m not going to give away any spoilers of any kind because I’m not the type that does that.
So this is all I’m going to say about this book and that is I thought it was amazing.
I loved the story-building and the world created here.
Elle Cross definitely knows how to hook her readers and take them on an exciting ride.
This book is different than all her books before this one, but I found the story was absolutely fantastic


I have to say I loved this book, it was fun and suspenseful. The FMC is amazing, strong and resilient. She just kept moving forward no matter what had happened, not letting things stand in her way. The male characters are perfect and compliment Soli and the story line. I am excited for the next book. This was just great, read it you won’t regret it.


This tale is completely different than Ms. Cross’s other series, and to be honest, so very different than other RH stories as well.!
Ms. Cross also has a beautiful way of writing emotion and is very expressive in her prose. I actually feel like I’m in the story due to her writing style.
I’m not quite sure how to write this review without giving anything away. This tale is full of surprises, weaved with some religion and folklore together. It really is a fascinating concept.
FMC: strong willed but vulnerable, smart, competent, and stead-fast
The men: we get introduced to some more than others but they are all unique. I really look forward to their relationship progressing. I know we aren’t supposed to choose but I’m #teamdoyle – so far. Lol.
Heat: very slow burn, more urban fantasy style right now. No intimate scenes. But this works; they are becoming familiar with each other and Soleil has a lot to learn yet. This story wouldn’t work if they fell in insta love/lust.

I’m really looking forward to the next installment and seeing their relationships progress. 💜💜💜