The Immortelle Series

In a world where peace and balance among immortal clans must be maintained, Immortelle, an ex-vampire assassin, seeks vengeance against an unseen enemy. John Wick meets Underworld in this mythical tale of blood and retribution.

I have been called many names in my long life.

Kali. Hel. Santa Muerta.

To the Cabal, I am simply Immortelle.

As the daughter of Nyx and sister to the Furies, I was used to being an ever-living weapon to the Powers That Be that run the Cabal.

As the mistress to War, Death gloried in the carnage I wrought as I danced with Mischief and Strife.

Until one day, I fell in love with a mortal human who called me by other names.

Lover. Partner. Wife.

He gifted me with love and peace, and I thought I could be happy.

And then too soon, he died.

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This is not for the faint of heart.
It’s a dark tale; almost reminiscent of a Grimm fairytale but with a mythological twist. Lol. Make sense? No? Ok… lemme try and explain. The ORIGINAL Grim fairytales were… well, grim. The tales featured graphic violence and very dark themes usually depicting world-weary people who are put in compromising and morally ambivalent situations. And Immortelle has that same underlying theme. This is what you’re reading: a dark fantasy featuring an individual who is tired, and weary – but has plenty of vengeance to fuel her.


The book is as beautiful, and as dark and ominous, as the cover that represents it. And I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen. The book is also one of the best and most beautiful that I have ever read. I do have to mention that this is not a book for people who enjoy happy ending and answered questions.
I am still not sure whether this is a heartbreaking paranormal romance with an urban fantasy feel or an urban fantasy with a paranormal romance feel featuring a heartbroken main character determined to have her revenge. Regardless, it masterfully written and plotted, carrying all the possible and impossible intrigue of the immortal creatures and their shifty politics.



This book is Frickin EPIC!! If I could give it more then 5 stars then I absolutely would. Such a creative and painful intensely emotional storyline. So many emotions that break your heart then make your heart race, so many that by then end of the book you have to sit and reflect on all the awesomeness you just read. The characters are imaginative and intriguing. Lucy or Immortelle is strength, vengeance and a whole host of other descriptive words I can’t voice at the moment personified. This story is well written and thought out. I highly anticipated this release just on the cover and blurb alone. 


I bought this book on a whim from a book club recommendation. That whim resulted in my finding a story that kept me involved and looking for more. Immortelle, Death, War, Mischief, and Strife…who would have guessed that the happenings of them would wrap me up in a story that OBVIOUSLY needs more installments. I was reminded of John Wick as I got to know Lucy, being pulled back into a life one chose to leave based on love. Elle Cross, I’m hooked! Time to check out your other stories, because you’ve gained a follower.