The Brightling Court Series

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Elle Cross, comes a darkly magical tale full of romance and page-turning mystery.

Once upon a time, I was the daughter of the Queen of Nightmares. Living in her court of darkness, any day that no one tried to kill me was a good day.

I didn’t have many good days…

When Karina agrees to help the ghost of a murdered Oracle uncover a plot that could unravel the fabric of reality, she finds herself caught in the crossfire between bounty hunters and her ex-bodyguards.

Now she needs to reclaim the birthright and power she abandoned before she loses everything and everyone she loves.

***For mature audiences, 18+ years old. This is a steamy paranormal romance reverse harem series with multiple happily-ever-afters.***

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I need more and STAT! I enhaled this book like a plate of fresh from the oven dark chocolate chip cookies. I was hooked from page one. Cross does an amazing job of building a world with layers of depth and intrigue. The story is riveting and ooooh so very hot! Who doesn’t fantasize about having a gaggle of giant, uber attractive men at your service in every way? Karina is a multi faceted main character who will have you begging for more. I’m going to have to read this again while I patiently wait for the next book.


This book is amazeballs!!!! Elle cross has built a whole new world that sucks you in! The characters are ones you can root for and fall in love with.
Karina is a survivor who is struggling to survive in the new world she has found herself in. You feel her plight as if you are there with her. You can’t help but root for Her.
The men… oh the men… the are smart and sexy, and me personally, I want to climb them like a jungle gym lol.


I loved this story, Karina our main character is like the ugly duckling of the nightmare court. Long story short, she devised a plan to leave but does not realize she will come into her power and she hasn’t been forgotten . Her men, Enver, West, taran, and havoc are just to die for, yum.


Stupefied. I have been waiting and wanting to use this word sfm so when I finished this read I finally can put this word into great use. Because I really am stupefied. This read is everything to me. The development of the story, the theme and the characters-jfc send help, I think I have just fallen deeper and harder. There’s no coming back from this.


Once I began reading, I couldn’t let go of this world. I read and I ate, walked and I read, paced, and I fretted. I am riveted by Karina and her men.